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Last fall, Incredible Art Gallery arrived in downtown Denver with a plan to assert its voice among an ever-crowded art scene. The gallery hosts a permanent collection that seeks to elevate the staples of popular culture to the realm of fine art.

Exquisitely painted interpretations of the Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney franchises crowd the walls of the 15th St. and Curtis showroom. Viewings are free and open to the public, with the option to take home pieces as full-sized canvases or more accessibly-priced cardstock prints.

Household name Thomas Kinkade’s impressionistic landscapes dominate the right half of the gallery, with offerings from his renowned cottage and Disney collections. The popularity of the latter was a formative inspiration for how Incredible Art began curating.

“We noticed people really loved fine art that was cultural and that had a pop art influence,” said Incredible Art Gallery’s Art Director Jared Rosen. Kinkade’s work is given unity through calming washes of pastels; even the pieces that don’t feature Cinderella and company have that fantastical Disney quality about them.

Incredible Art works closely with Kinkade’s company to provide the highest quality prints available. The collections available in the gallery are part of a limited edition series wherein the artist worked directly with the people reproducing the canvases. Kinkade provided specific instructions for hand-painting highlights and other accents, allowing admirers and customers alike to access something unique and capable of accruing value without dropping a few hundred thousand dollars on an original work.

Exclusivity marks the gallery’s other collections as well. Artists hired directly under Disney and Lucasfilm’s respective Fine Art divisions—separate from the animators who worked on the films with the intention of developing a distinct craft. The collections display an array of styles, including Tim Rogerson’s portraits of The Avengers teammates composed with bold shapes and blocks of color. Many of these works are also signed by creator Stan Lee. The collection also includes Denver artist Christopher Clarke’s ethereal Star Wars series.

It’s Clarke’s work that truly stands out, and he earns his spotlight placement at the entrance of the gallery. His thick, intricate brushstrokes and warm-toned palette invoke both realism and intimacy— exactly what fans want to feel when standing next to Leia Organa and Han Solo.

Incredible Art Gallery is a singular experience that gives beloved characters and scenes the respect they deserve, housing artists skilled enough to make definitional fine art of whichever subject they seek to paint next. The gallery is open daily from noon to 8 p.m.

Incredible Art Gallery

1020 15th St. Suite 1V.

(800) 771-9501


Daily: noon–8 p.m.

Above: Mark Keathley is one of the featured artists at Incredible Art Gallery.

courtesy of: markkeathleyonline.com

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