Uno Mas Taqueria, located on Old South Pearl Street, just half a mile from the Louisiana-Pearl light rail station, delivers a fresh and flavorful menu full of delicious appetizers and street tacos.

When first walking into Uno Mas, customers are immediately greeted by staff members’ wide smiles and friendly tones. Inside, the walls are full of color and feature a huge painting with their Uno Mas rooster logo which complements the establishment nicely.

At first glance, everyone is happy to be working there and proud of the service that they bring to Uno Mas Taqueria. Regulars can often be overheard recommending their favorites to first-time customers.

The servers are very helpful and describe to customers how each item is prepared, and how they only serve fresh meat and vegetables that are all locally grown and processed in Colorado.

Patrick White Mangold, owner of Uno Mas Taqueria, Kaos Pizzeria, and Gaia Bistro, makes sure that this shows in his menu as he only orders from local farmers that he knows personally. The meat comes fresh from the local farmlands in Colorado, and is butchered in-house at Uno Mas Taqueria.

The quality of meat at this local taqueria restaurant is remarkable. If one is new to Uno Mas Taqueria, try the carnitas, the barbacoa, or the lengua taco— a great choice for adventurous eaters. Each taco has its own distinctive taste as they are all served with a different variety of seasonings, salsas, and cheeses.

The carnitas are smoked for around six hours which allows the pork to achieve that melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness. The meat is served with a hint of orange, radish, pablanos, and a roasted salsa and cotija cheese that really brings out the flavor of the meat. Each taco is served with two corn tortillas and plenty of meat that allows each taco to double in size.

Also cooked on a reverse smoker and prepared daily is the barbacoa taco. This is a freshly-delivered, slow-braised brisket, that is strewed with crispy potatoes, pobloanos, roasted tomatillo salsa and asadero cheese. The barbacoa has a boost of spiciness and is nicely complemented with its salacious toppings spread on top of the coarsely shredded meat.

Last is the lengua taco, which is made primarily out of cow tongue. It doesn’t take much to add to the flavor that this unique meat has to offer: they only add Mexican crema and cotija cheese.

Each street taco is priced between $3- $5.50 and are all served on Raquelita’s organic white corn tortillas. One also has the choice of having their meal with many different appetizers, desserts, tortas, and a myriad of beverage choices. Uno Mas Taqueria also has daily happy hour specials from 2–6 p.m. seven days a week that start at just $5.

—Bobby Jones

Uno Mas Taqueria

1585 S. Pearl St.

(303) 777-2866


Sun-Thurs: 11:30 a.m.–9 p.m.

Fri-Sat: 11:30 a.m.–10 p.m.

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