COFFEE PLEASE: A Semester of Change

“Change is coming, and it is here to stay” is the motto I am choosing for this upcoming semester. I have been a staff writer for two years at the Advocate, (now CU Denver Sentry) and as of now, I am taking over as News Editor.

Becoming News Editor has been a long time coming. My go-to spot in the paper has been covering the Student Government Association beat. Although I love that beat and getting to know the university through the students who are a part of the organization, this is a welcomed change. I want to challenge myself, and the best way is to take on a new role.

I want to challenge myself, and the best way is to take on a new role.

These past six weeks have left me with several new changes in my life. My break started with a family reunion in San Diego —my aunt turned 80 so the family gathered for a celebration. This was the first time meeting most of my father’s side of the family. Throughout these four days, I felt as though I learned more about myself, since many personality quirks I have seem genetic. The weekend was filled with hugs, laughter, and best of all, love. Upon returning home, I had renewed sense of what family meant.

Also during break, my love of service work took me from being a participant to the trip leader, for the first time. I found myself with another leadership role I was hesitant to take, but loved the experience I was able to have. 11 amazing CU Denver students and myself traveled to Florida for service work. For one week we volunteered at Give Kids The World, a theme park for children who are living with life threatening illnesses. Again, my life was put into perspective and I was able to embrace change. Between professional changes and personal changes, this semester is going to be one to remember. All I have to do now is accept it.

—Morgan Mackey

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